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reg lookUp page



I am able to  open a lookup page and able to see recently viewed list and when I search for a particular user and when I click on the user  nothing is happening.


How can I select a user from the lookup and get back to my actual page.


My code is:


<apex:page >

<script type="text/javascript">

function lookupWindow(){
var lookupwindow = window.open('/_ui/common/data/LookupPage?lkfm=editPage&lknm=newOwn&lktp=005&lksrch=');

 <apex:form >

 <apex:inputText />

 <a href="javascript&colon;void(0)" id="link" title="Reference User Lookup (New Window)" tabindex="6"  onclick="lookupWindow()">        <img class="lookupIcon" title="Reference User Lookup (New Window)" alt="Reference User Lookup (New Window)" src="/s.gif"/></a> </apex:form> </apex:page>



Pls help...


you have to use this type of code on the child page 


and in the parent page u need to catch the same


like this



function OpenPopUp(crtid,itemname,itemid){
   document.getElementById(crtid).value = itemname;

This looks like you are using a standard salesforce page.  If that is the case, you won't be able to take control of it to set the value into the opening page.  I've found that a custom Visualforce lookup is the only way around this.  I've documented how to write one of these in the following blog post: