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Need Code to create Help Text bubble in Visual force page.

I need to create a bubble help text  for fields in a visual force page. 


can any one please tell me how to do that?


Below is the sample code to get help bubble text next to field. You have to overwrite the salesforce class "helpIcon" to get help text


<apex:panelGrid columns="3">

<apex:inputText value="{!name_hm4}"/>

<apex:inputText value="{!link_hm4}"/>

<img src="/s.gif" alt="Help" class="helpIcon" title="Use the “Value” field to provide the text that will appear as a link in the Header Menu in the specified position."/>



Hi , 


Some other way I found the solution. but now it is in the S-Control .  How to add Bubble help text in the S-Control. for a field.


If you have any sample code please let me know.