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Self-made related list

Amongst other related lists on my page, I have mimiked some lists as a VF page which I linked in with <apex:include...

They should look exactly like the related lists.


I achieved this goal - nearly. The styling is my problem.


This is how a related List appears:


That is how my List comes out:


My questions: 

- How could I put the image in the upper left corner?

- How can I put a frame around the text?


For the latter, i tried all sort of apex:outputPanel and PageblockSection combinations


Have you tried a pageblock with a header facet?  We used that some time ago when in a similar position.


Thank you for your valueable hint.


I will try that immediately, but how would you find and include the top-left image?


We had our own images that represented non-standard objects.  If you examine the source of the standard pages you may be able to reference the existing salesforce images.  Not something I've done myself I'm afraid.


Sorry, Bob. Your idea is good, but it does not really do what I want.


I cannot grab the link to the image, as this is a s.gif type which is filled dynamically by AJAX. But what I could do is take a screenshot and have it in the static resources. But that is not really nice. I would much more like the "SFDC approach" and get it from apex directly.


The other issue, the frame around my message should be done by a standard apex block or so. I am still looking for the right tag to use here.