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Google maps in VF field

I have a calculated field that calls a google maps image and displys it. It works on a standard page.


This is the formula:

HYPERLINK("" & Primary_Street_1__c & "%20" & Primary_City__r.Name & "%20" & Primary_State__c & "%20" & Primary_Postal_Code__c & "%20" & Primary_Country__c , IMAGE("/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=01530000001hbwB", "Google Map"))

 I try to display that on a VF page and tried all typs of output tags. It allways displays:

<a href=" 6a%20Lakeside%20%2078315%20XXXXX" target="_blank"><img src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=01530000001hbwB" alt="Google Map" border="0"/></a>

 (Addressdata are taken out here, but work in real life example)

Which tag would I need to get this output as an image (image tag did not work)?




So is the problem that you are seeing what should be HTML markup appear as text?


Have you tried using an outputfield outputtext with the escape attribute set to false?  This stops HTML being converted to text.


Something like:



<apex:outputText value="{!obj.Formula_Field__c}" escape="false"/>