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Use Approver Field of ProductM Owner



I am doing Approval Process and i have an option Use Approver Field of ProductM Owner. What does itmean what is the use of this. 


ProductM is my obj name

Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma

Please read this, it explains every thing, I have made font weight bold to the part which specifically talks about your question.


When you define approval steps, you can assign approval requests to different users. One option is to use a user field to automatically route these requests. The user field can be any custom hierarchical relationship field such as Account Manager or the Managerstandard user field. To see some examples of specifying a user field as an approver field, see Examples of Approval Processes.

When a record is in the approval process, it is always locked; only an administrator can edit it. However, you can also allow the currently-assigned approver to edit the record. You can still add campaign members to campaigns locked for approval.

  1. From the Next Automated Approver Determined By picklist, select a user field if you want Salesforce to automatically assign approval requests to an approver based on the value in the user field. For example, you may want approval requests automatically routed to a user's manager as specified in the Manager standard user hierarchy field. Or, you may want approval requests automatically routed to an associate specified in a custom Account Manager user field.
    • To specify a user to approve all approval requests, leave this field blank. You can select a user, or users, as the approver when creating an approval step.Warning
      If you leave the Next Automated Approver Determined By field blank, you can't automatically assign approval requests to the manager in any step you create for this approval process.
    • Optionally, select the Use Approver Field of Record Owner checkbox if you want the approval process to use theManager standard user field or a custom field on the record owner's user record instead of the submitter's user record. Once you use this setting in a step, and in subsequent steps, it refers to the manager of the approver, not the manager of the record owner.
    Make sure the assigned approver has access to read the records for the approval requests. For example, a user who does not have read access to an Expenses custom object will not be able to view expense approval requests.
  2. Select Administrators ONLY... if you want only users with the “Modify All” object-level permission for the given object, or the “Modify All Data” permission, to be able to edit records that are pending approval. Select Administrators OR... if you want the assigned approver to be able to edit the records too. The assigned approver must also have edit access to the record through both their permissions and the organization-wide sharing defaults for the given object. When a record is submitted for approval, it is automatically locked to prevent other users from editing it during the approval process.
  3. Click Next. If you are editing an existing approval process and don't want to make further changes, click Save to store your changes.



I'm having a problem with this field. It doesn't seem to matter whether I check the box or not, the second step in the approval process always goes to the Manager of the approver, not to the manager of the person who orginally created the request.


I'm trying to do this:


- User creates an approval request, which goes to a specific user for approval - the Vendor Approver

- The Vendor Approver approves the request. At that point, the request *should* go to the User's Manager

- However, it always goes to the Vendor Approver's Manager instead


I've tried checking and unchecking the box and it doesn't seem to make a difference. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Sda SmnSda Smn
Even if you assigned this step to another user the next approver will be the Manager of the Vendor Approver's Manager or it goes to the new user' Manager?
Andras Arva(HU)Andras Arva(HU)
Looks like this is not straight forward, i having same problem. My approval process looks like this:
Step 1: Approval Queue1
Step 2: Requester User's manager (or Record Owner's does not matter, its same)
Some other steps with Queues

The problem is that Step1 user's Manager going to approve in Step2 not record owner/AP requester, regardless what i set in
"Use Approver Field of Record Owner checkbox"
As long it is on first approval step, works fine, however order of AP important for us.

Any idea what i missed?
Has anyone found a solution for this? I have an approval process that specifically states to go to User A in Step One. Instead, it goes to the manager of User A.