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apex:repeat and pagination

Hi all,


I have the following code in a VF Page in order to create a PDF :


  <apex:outputtext>text 1</apex:outputtext>
     <apex:outputtext>text 2</apex:outputtext>


My code will be used to issued PDF with the following structure :


Group 1
  SubGroup 1.1
  SubGroup 1.2
Group 2
  SubGroup 2.1
  SubGroup 2.2
Group 3
  SubGroup 3.1
  SubGroup 3.2


I'm encoutering some issues with the pagination. I don't want a main Group (like "Group 1") to be "cut" on 2 pages.


Does anybody know if the apex:repeat tag has some options in order to mention that a repeat loop has to overflow on the next page if not enough space is avaialble to display the content on the current page ?


Thank you very much.



Hi all,


Coming back on this topic, would anybody have a suggestion ?


Any advice would be appreciated, thank you very much !