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list of list of string rendering



I have List of List of String.


List<List<String>> with below 4 list<String>. I want to show that in a visualforce page, so that, all the string at position 0 have color1, and on position1 have color2


Ex: Result should be like this.


test0 <displayed in red color>

test1 <displayed in green color>

test2 <displayed in blue color>

test3 <displayed in green color>



How should i navigate it in the visual force page ?




(test0, null, null, null), 
(null, null , test1, null), 
(null, test2 , null, null), 
(null, null, test3, null]



Hi ,


you shoud use <apex:repeat> function to  get items and use render property as well to display approporiate value that is not null if required.