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Override Custom Object Tab with Visualforce Page

Does anyone know if there's any way to do this? As far as I can tell it's impossible to override a custom object tab with a functional page (i.e., one with a controller), which seems ridiculous, but I can't find anything that explains it or works.  Yes, I'm aware of the many examples of overriding a standard object tab; it doesn't work for a custom object tab.  Any help would be appreciated.


I am sitting here looking at a custom page that was developed for one of our objects and it has it's own tab. All I did was  hide the original custom tab from everyone. On the Setup -> Create -> Tabs section at the bottom there is a visualforce tabs section. I just created a tab there and used the URL of the visualforce page as the content for the tab.


Thanks; that's basically what I ended up doing - long story, but I was trying to override the standard Tab for a custom object with a VF page; later realized I didn't need to do that - just use the VF page directly (as you say, from a VF tab, and also in my case from a custom link in the Customer Portal).