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Overriding "New" case button

When a user clicks the new button the case tab I would like my visuaforce page to display the "default" layout for a one record type and display another layout (VF) for the other type.


Is there a way within VF to "bypass" the VF and display the default view of a record (based on record type/page layouts)?


This post on Forcetree is somewhat vintage, but I think it has a flavour like what you're looking to do: http://www.forcetree.com/2009/07/standard-newedit-page-vs-your.html


You basically would have a VF page that overrides the standard case layout, and that VF page would have a controller that, based on the record type in the params, would redirect accordingly to either your other VF page or the standard new case UI.


Thanks for the suggestion, after a little searching I was able to find an article addressing my specific needs:


Assign VF based on record type


Within the article there is a link to another solution that approaches the problem similarly.