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Documentation regarding emailAuthor parameters

Hi all,


I'm using the emailAuthor within a VF Page and I'm looking for a description of the available parameters. I could for example find the following sample code :


var url = "https://na3.salesforce.com/email/author/emailauthor.jsp?";
  url += "p2_lkid=" + contactIdForToAddress;
  url += "&p3_lkid=" + relatedObjectId;
  url += "&template_id=" + templateId;
  url += "&new_template=1";
  url += "&retURL=%2F" + relatedObjectId;
  url += "&nosave=0";   // not sure what this parameter does, or if it's really needed
  url += "&save=1";   // send it now - don't just bring us to the "send email" page


However is there somewhere a description of the different parameters ? (saying for example that "p2_lkid" matches the "To" address.


Thank you very much.