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Devendra SawantDevendra Sawant 

Tab Navigation






Please go through the above link and see the image inside,


App has list of first level tabs.


1) I am on Account tab, when i click on particular Account record it will show the second level tabs (which has Detail, Opportunity, Open Activities etc.)


Suppose i am clicking on Opportunity Tab, it will display number of opportunities. I can create new opprtunity by clicking on NewOpportunity button.

I have SAVE and CANCEL button on UI of new opportunity. If i click on Cancel it should navigate to the Opportunity tab. But it is navigating to the Details tab when i click on CANCEL button of New Opportunity.


How can i navigate to the List of Opportunities instead of Detail tab?


2 ) When i clicks on New Opportunity button to enter new opportunity. The second level tabs gets vanished. I want to maintain/displya those tabs when i click on New Opportunity button.


Will it be possible?? If yes then how to do it?



Devendra S