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Rendered Formula w/ a Parameter

Hey all,


I'm still looking for a way to develop a vf layout that looks at two parent record fields to determine the visibility of fields on this layout.


What I'm stuck on is:

<apex:outputtext value="{!Plan_Process__c.Received_Plan_Document_Fee__c}" rendered="{!showme}">
    <apex:param assignTo="{!currentfield}" value="Received_Plan_Document_Fee__c"/>

currentfield is never being set and consequently is null. 

What I'd like is for {!showme} to reference the currentfield variable and determine if that field should be displayed:

private String currentfield;
public String getcurrentfield() { 
return currentfield; }
public void setcurrentfield(String a) {
currentfield = a; 

public boolean getshowme(){
if(req_rt.contains(currentfield) && req_st.contains(currentfield){
return true;
return false;

 req_rt and req_st are two sets that may contain the fields API name.  If they both do, then the field should be displayed and if not, it shouldn't be.


Further background:  The two parent fields are recordtypeid and a picklist called "Service Type."  The sets will be setup as follows (example is abbreviated):

if(st=='Fully-Bundled - Conversion'){
if(st=='Participant-level Recordkeeping - Startup'){


Can anyone help me out?

Darshan FarswanDarshan Farswan

I tried the same with apex:outputtext and apex:commandlink. And in both the cases the setter method for currentfield was not invoked when the page was loaded. 


Afterwards when I clicked on the apex:commandlink' LINK the setter method got executed, and the value of currentfield was set. So i think the apex:param will get assignTo executed when the parent component is executed. And in case of the apex:outputtext, I cant find any viable solution for that.