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Custom Calendar



i am not sure how to accomplish and where to start for this requirement. 




1) Build a Custom Calendar that would link their activities to a Custom Activity Object. We have a custom object to track our activities.

    Every activity has a Stage with two values " Planning" and "Complete".

2) based on the stage value we want to color code the calendar ( Like "Green" for "Planning" and "Red" for "Complete" stage value).

3) Have this calendar as a component on their Home Page and ability to create the custom activity record from the calendar.


Any pointers would be of great help.





The great Ron Hess created a code share that should get you started for this at:


I've used this in the past to build a completely bespoke calendar outside of the default salesforce one.  



Hi Bob,


I need some advise from you.


I have created custom object Task__c. It has fields like TaskName, Due Date, Status.


I want to display these tasks on calendar according to their due dates.


Can i make this functionality using standard salesforce calendar? If yes then How?


Do i need to use custom calendar component, as you mentioned in your above comment? Is it possible to display this custom calendar component on homepage?


Thanks and Regards,

Devendra S



You won't be able to display these in the standard calendar, as it only looks at standard activities.


You can add a custom calendar to the home page as an HTML component that pulls in a Visualforce page.  


If at all possible though, its best to use the standard Salesforce functionality - is there a particular reason why you can't use the standard calendar?




Hi Bob,


As i said, i am using custom Task__c object and i dont know how to pull custom objects record into the calendar.


For e.g. Printing Books is one task which as due date 26 Sept 2011, Then it shoud show this task on Calendar where on that particular day. It is like reminder to the user. May be i need to color that day . By looking at the calendar, user can identify Task Date with their due date.


So what would be ideal component to go with. Standard Calendar or Custom Calendar?


Need some guidance from your side.


Thanks in advance.




Devendra S



You can't pull custom objects into the standard calendar.  You can relate tasks and activities to a custom object, but the standard calendar only displays standard activities.


If you need to roll your own tasks you will also need to roll your own calendar, but you are then stuck with replicating all of the standard functionality.



Thanks Bob.


I will have to replicate standard calendar functionality to pull custom object data. It seems, thats the only option available.


I will take your help, as i move forward into this functionality.


Thanks a lot..!!



Devendra S 


Hi All,

   I am trying to see, if any one has a suggestion. I have built a custom application (It is more like a Call Center app with additional functionality). Now I need a calendar which will automatically get updated with I fill in the appointment field in my object. Can anyone help? 


Ron Hess's Calendar is in fact nice. I found a much simplier way of doing this though without all the code.


I was able to create a Global Calendar that all could see that would push in Events and custom objects.


Maybe things changed since 2013.

F. CaroF. Caro
Can someone explain how to get and install the code of this calendar from the link?

Can any one help this Scenario
1) Build a Custom Calendar to the Calender activities to a Custom Activity Object. We have a custom object to track activities.
    Each activity has
   Stage with values 

2) based on the stage value  color code the calendar ("Green" for "Planning" & "Red" for "Complete").
3) on  Home Page provide calender and ability to create the custom activity record from the calendar.

Admin 2474Admin 2474
How can I edit and/or share the salesforce calendar to the team?  I asked the Salesforce support and they told me that we are using the Visualforce version, therefore they couldn't help.  And told me to check with the developer forum.  

At present, our calendar does not allow us to edit and create event.

Please help