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Test Unit frustration

Newbie and frustrated. i would really appreciate a hand here  all the you gurus out there. We the very begginers are still learning.


issues for writting a unit test method for the following class. for References, this class came from here


public class massAccountUpdateCon {

  private List<Account> accounts;

  public List<Account> getAccounts() {
      return accounts;

  public string keywords {

  public PageReference ViewData() {
     String query = 'Select id, name, type, ownership, industry, phone, BillingCity, billingCountry FROM account WHERE name LIKE \'' + keywords + '%\'';
     accounts = Database.query(query);
     return null;

  public PageReference UpdateRecords() {
    update accounts;
    return null;

 Thank you so much in advance. 


The basic form of a test method for this would be

 /* create and insert account record  with name xxxx*/


MassAccountUpdateCon con = new MassAccountUpdateCon();

con.keywords = 'xxx';

PageReference next = con.viewData();

System.assert(next == null);

List<Account> data = con.getAccounts();

/* code to verify the right account was retrieved */


/* change something in the account */



/* retrieve the record from the database and verify the change was persisted */




That should give you 100% test coverage.