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VF Page page - How to query records which does not have any records in a related object.

We have 2 custom objects


Order Line
Inventory Allocations


Inventory Allocation has a lookup relationship to Order Line


When Order Line is created then it may create inventory allocation records when inventory is available.


So there can be situations where a order line has no inventory allocations.


How can I query the order lines which does not have any inventory allocations.


I need to create a VF page which shows these records and process the records to create new inventory allocations.

 I am looking for ability to do something similar to this
SELECT o.Id, o.nAME FROM OrderLine__c o
where (select count() from gii__InventoryAllocation__c where OrderLine__c = o.id) = 0
So that I can get a list of Order Lines and I can display them in a VF page


In order to achieve your objective you can check the size the of child records, if there is lookup relationship between Order Line & Inventory Allocations.

Refer to the following code for clarity:-

list<OrderLine__c> orderln = [SELECT o.Id, o.nAME, (select id from InventoryAllocation__r)  FROM OrderLine__c o limit 1]; system.debug( ' Child Records -->'  +  orderln[0].InventoryAllocation__r.size());



orderln[0].id=OrderLine__c id which don't have any related records.Now put your desire code here.



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Please try following :-


[select id, name from OrderLine__c where ID NOT IN (select OrderLine__c from gii__InventoryAllocation__c)]


Please make sure about the soql limits before implementing it in real application.