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Save or submit method in hyperlink

Hi- Can someone help me script my hyperlink please?


Use case:

Create a custom link on campaign.

When invoked, the link will display a contact View of all contacts in that campaign.


Current Link

This is my link. It creates the view perfectly but I don't know how to add a save and return view.(save =1 doesnt work)

<apex:outputlink value="https://cs1.salesforce.com/ui/list/FilterEditPage?ftype=c&fname=Task&devname=id&fentityvalue2=test">link</apex:outputlink>

Current Output from Link

Current View


This is what I'm trying to get to:



Unfortunately the images are coming through as broken links.  Can you elaborate on what is meant by "save and return view"?


Maybe hyperlinks to the images will help.


This is my current output from the hyperlink:

It creates a contact list view but displayes it in "edit" mode



When I click save, it returns this saved contact list view 

This view is the desired output from the link.



Hopefully that makes sense.






I still can't see them I'm afraid - they are blank.