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Accessing Suggested tags(Restricted Tagging)




I need to access Suggested tags(Restricted Tags) and dispaly it on my vf page, so that user will enter only those tags not random tags while uploading a content. I use that VF page to upload content to a Library.





Can you query the ContentTag object and use those values?


I think there is no object or elementlike contentTag


Yes, sorry I was looking at ContractTag.


This document seems like the closest to what you want:



At the very bottom is this text:


Library tagging rules:
- API tagging respects the tagging restrictions that exist on any library that the document is published into. For example, if the library is in restricted tagging mode and only allows tags one,three, you can't save a version with a TagCsv of one,two,three.
- If the library is in guided tagging mode, you can apply tags to the ContentVersion. You can't query the value of guided tags on a library, but you can query the tagging model of a library.



So it looks like it is not possible to query the Content Tags from the API.