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onchange picklist section visibilty

hi i have a vf page  picklist "countries".i have each section for countries on change of my selection in picklist i want the section visibilty for selected country.


Kindly give me solution urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Is this a custom picklist (i.e. an apex:selectlist) or an apex:inputfield?




The onchange event should give you what you need.  Here's an example from one of my dev orgs:


<apex:SelectList value="{!chosenAccount}" onchange="addRemoveContacts(this.options[this.selectedIndex])">
   <apex:selectOptions value="{!accountMatches}" />

In this case, the selectlist is a list of account id/name, plus a NEW option.  When the user changes the selected account, the following javascript is executed:


    var prevOptionValue='';
    function addRemoveContacts(selOption)
       if (selOption.value=='NEW')

 addContact and removeContact are actionfunctions .  The addContact action method sets up a list of contacts available on an existing account so that the user can select one of those.


public void addContact()
  // the user has chosen an entry that is to merge with an existing account
  contactMatches=new List<SelectOption>();
  List<Contact> matches=[select id, Name from Contact 
  	               where (FirstName = :theLead.FirstName 
  	                      OR LastName=:theLead.LastName) 
   	                      AND accountId=:chosenAccount];
   contactMatches.add(new SelectOption('NEW', 'Create new contact - ' + theLead.Name));
   for (Contact cont : matches)
      contactMatches.add(new SelectOption(, 'Merge with existing contact - ' + cont.Name));


 Obviously this isn't a straightforward cut and paste, but hopefully gets you started.