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Dynamically embed videos in visual force page

Hi there!


I'm new in developing visual force page.. Now, I need to embed different videos one by one in one visual force page by clicking an output link associated with the video. How can i do this? Pls.. help me.. its urgent...


What is the format of the videos?  Where are they hosted?  (YouTube, Vimeo?)


Hi.. These are videos from different sites... I want to upload it first in my dev org(as document or attachment or in the static resources) so that I can reference it in a call from my visual force page.. is it possible to display and play its content?


If the Videos are relatively few in number and not changing frequently, then static resources is probably the best solution.

Otherwise, you may want to even look at something like Amazon s3 for storing the raw video.


For the VF page, you would just insert the appropriate tag for displaying the video.  They all have slightly different tags.

If you have more specifics, I might be able to help more.



If I would use static resources, is it possible to call the videos dynamically? I mean if I have, 5-10 videos in the static resources can i call it one by one in a single VF page using an outputlink associated with the video?


Sure.  For example, you can put each of the video's code into a div (outputPanel) and set them to hidden (unrendered).

Then when clicking the outputLink, you would show the appropriate video.


Are you able to write what you want in HTML?  If you have that, I could tell you how to do it in VisualForce.


Hi! I think that's a good idea but the the videos are associated with an instance of an object. Everytime I will insert an instance i also have to upload a video associated with it, so I think hiding the video in the VF page is not the best thing to do. Cause those videos are not statc as it is all through out the usage of the app.I can upload as many videos as I want. How can I do this?


You might look at this:


It shows an example of uploading an image - it could probably be adapted to do videos.


Hi! thanks for this. You gave me an idea... but the problem now is that if I uploaded videos as attachments, it can exceed the file size limit for attachments. How can I solve this?





You might try uploading to Content (files).


Please see our new app at the AppExchange:


Video, images and audio integration for Salesforce -



Coming soon - Streaming videos embedded in articles and Chatter!


Callum ChadwickCallum Chadwick
In the event that the Videos are moderately very few and not evolving as often as possible, static assets is likely the best arrangement.
Any other way, you might need to try and see something like Amazon s3 for putting away the crude video.
For the VF page, you would simply embed the suitable tag for showing the video ( They all have marginally various labels.
Assuming you have more particulars, I could possibly help more.