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How to provide hyperlink dynamically in VFPage



      I have an Object called Event. In that, we have a field called "Navigation Link" which is used to store the URL Address.

For this field, i used Text field. Based on this, we developed a Page showing the details from the Object. In that page,there we need to give a link for image. when clicking on that image, the result is to open the corresponding url page.


      In my page design, i used <apex:repeat> to display the contents of the Object based on the Date by select Query.


     Actually, all the details are coming except the link details. Hyperlink is working. But, when we click on it, an blank page is opening.


    Friends, pls help me to solve this, how to provide url dynamically in VF Pages.




Kevin SwiggumKevin Swiggum

Are you using <apex:outputLink>?



<apex:outputLink value="{!evnt.navigation_link__c}" target="_blank">Click here</apex:outputLink>


Details here



Hi Friend,


            Thanks for your reply. I am using same tab <apex:outputlink> and as mentioned in example, iam providing url from the object. So, it is working fine. While clicking on the link, it is going to open a blank page in new window. So, pls help me to solve this.