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Visualforce to MS Word

Hello, im here to ask a little question about Visualforce rendering into Word Document.


What i want to do, is render it as Word document on "Print Layout" view and add the page numbers to the footer.


How can i do this?




Use the  ContentType="application/vnd.ms-word" in <apex:apge> tag for rendering a page in Ms word.


Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved. 


Well, it actually works, but i still have the problem with Print Layout not showing (it shows the archive as Web Layout on Word).


Did you ever figure out the problem with the Print Layout not showing?  The web layout is driving me crazy.  


When I copied ContentType="application/vnd.ms-word" I received an unknown file type?  Not sure what I'm doing incorrectly