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Validation in visualforce Email template

Hi All,


         I am using VisualForce Email template and i need to do few validations in that email template. According to countries i need to display the date format. Is it possible to add java script in vf email template? if so please give me a sample.. am newbie to VF template.


Thanks in advance..



Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay

I think you could.. just use the script tag.


But, your requirement is straight forward.... Salesforce does it for you i believe, the timestamp is mostly the receiver's timestamp if he is a salesforce user... If he is an external user, the timestamp is the sender's i believe


Hi Edwin,


I tried to add the javascript.. but its not accepting.. its showing as a content..


PFA the snap...




and i want date format like this.. 21 Feb 2012.. according to country, i will convert the text and show them.

Give me a idea to display the format for the same.