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john hejohn he 

Enable the drag-and-drop scheduling on Visualforce page

SFDC provides the cool feature (drag-and-drop scheduling) to let the user create event from the standard account list view by just drag-and-drop account on to the calendar.  All the thing can be done via several mouse clicks.  Our customers like it very much.


But the standard function is not so perfect:

1. the account list and the calendar are displayed vertically (account list on the top, calendar on the bottom) .  But our sales are using the 12 inch laptop, the screen is too small to use this feature.  Any thought?

2. we create the visualforce page for our sales, but we did not found a way to embed this feature on the visualforce page.  Any Idea?


here is the screenshot for the drag-and-drop scheduling:


Interesting, the screenshot can't be displayed.  here is the link:



sorry for the inconvenience.