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Not possible to get dynamic field describe information from a visualforce page?

I am working on a visualforce component that displays fields of arbitrary sobject.

Now I need a way to get some field describe information for a given sobject name and field name.

As I cannot pass Describe objects to the page I would have to create my own schema class to pass this Not nice!


The I read one could use the $ObjectType global variable in pages and that this works with dynamic binding. But it seems only to work with fields not objects...


WORKS:                         {!$ObjectType.Account.Fields[fieldName].Label


DOES NOT WORK:        {!$ObjectType[objectName}.Fields[fieldName].Label


Why and in case this does not work what else should I do to get those information without an extra custom class?


Thanks in advance




I assume you meant {!$ObjectType[objectName].Fields[fieldName].Label}  not what you have in your post.  


I think there are currently some bugs related to this; it should be working in the next (Spring 12) release. 


Oh yes you are right, I had a typo. But anyway I does not work. where can I find infos on those bugs and is there a workaround until the realease of Spring 12?




Any news with this? I was trying to do something similar. I posted about it here: http://forums.sforce.com/t5/Java-Development/Javascript-GETRECORDIDS-on-Contract-to-Return-Account-Ids/td-p/439347


I'd ove to be able to get the field's id so I could dynamically code the urls in the question...