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Salesforce Table Component with Individual Record Links

I would like to have a Dashboard with a table component. For ex, the table component might contains "the top 10 opportunities by amount" or "list of dashboards created by a user" etc. I want all the list of records with the hyperlinks and whenever i clicked on any of the particular link of the record from the dashboard's table component, the respective opportunity or the respective report / dashboard need to be open.

Please do suggest me all the possible ways n methods. Appreciate all of your responses on the above issue.





This sounds like a use case for a wrapper class.  The idea being that each row of the table corresponds to an instance of the wrapper class.  This would then allow you to store generic sobjects and define the link targets based on how it is being used.  You'll still have to have some way to decide how to populate the wrapper classes though, which in the case of dashboards tends to mean having a specific visualforce page per dashboard.