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Show number of Leads upon login

I'm trying to notify the user upon login 'There are XXX Leads assigned to you that you have not read'. While I can easily get the number of Leads, the problem is how to notify the user. 


Is there any way to do a pop-up (ala the task due reminder upon login) or even a javascript alert? Worse case, some sort of HTML area on the sidebar? I've tried the HTML area btw, didn't work too well, can't seem to call salesforce protocols.....



It is  quite possible by some sort of configuration changes and some visual force customization.


you can use some html area in left sidebar component. When user login , we can show some message to them with appropriate content.


Option 2 :

Create a visual force page and associated VF tab.

Assign this tab to default landing tab 

When user login it will landed on that page

after that move to home page 













Or you can create a VF page and add this VF page on home page .

YOu can enable this VF page only upon  LOgin , by some APex cookies adjustments.