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repeat table not showing data

I'm creating a VF template to show some data and then the related data in a table.  I've been able to complete all but the related data, it's not showing.  The object is SVMXI__Parts_Request__c and the child object is SVMXI__Parts_Request_Line__c.  My current page (rough draft) is as follows:

<messaging:emailTemplate subject="Order confirmation" recipientType="User" relatedToType="SVMXI__Parts_Request__c">
<messaging:htmlEmailBody >
<br />
<br />
A parts order going to {!relatedto.Name__c} was just completed for you.  <br />
<br />
Ship to: {!relatedto.Name__c} <br />
Due Date: {!relatedto.Due_Date__c} <br />
<br />
<br />
<table border="0">
                    <tr >
                        <th>PART #</th>
                    <apex:repeat value="{!relatedto.Parts_Request_Line__r}" var="prlin">
                        <td> {!prlin.Qty__c}</td>
                        <td> {!prlin.Parts__r.Name}</td>
                        <td> {!prlin.Parts__r.ProductCode}</td>


 The problem is that I'm not getting any data from parts request lines in the table.  I should mention these are part of a managed package.  Also when I go to the child object and check the lookup to the parent object, the child relationship name is R00N70000001ryqzEAA vs. a real name like other components.  


Have you tried adding the namespace prefix to the repeat value like {!relatedTo.SVMXI__Parts_Request_Line__r}?


~ Clint


I have, but I then get an error.


Error: Invalid field SVMXI__Parts_Request_Line__r for SObject SVMXI__Parts_Request__c



I believe I found the solution.   It seems the managed package was not setup correctly because the child relationship name is R00N70000001ryqzEAA vs. Parts_Request_Line as it should be.  Using this unique Id instead of the name seems to be working.




This isn't a solution really, but it works.