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Preventing blank emails

We are receiving complaints from our customers that they are receiving email messages from us with no body and no subject line. The problem cannot be consistently reproduced, but we suspect that it is a result of an exception happening during message composition. By configuring things so that an exception occurs during message composition, we have demonstrated that the system does, in fact, send out a blank email message when exceptions occur.

Salesforce basic support says that this (i.e. sending a blank email message) is not a bug. Furthermore, there seems to be no way to catch and handle the exception, no way of even detecting when it happens, unless a customer complains. Has anyone experienced a similar problem and found a way to handle it?

Details of our setup: Workflow rule on Opportunity, evaluated when a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria, triggers email alert. Alert uses Visualforce email template, which includes custom Visualforce components. 


Did you find a fix for this? We are having the same issue. Setup is about the same except on a custom object instead of opportunities.