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Apex/Visualforce Trying to Use a Case Statement to Cast a Class Type



I am trying to check within a visualforce component if an attribute is of a particular type. If it is I then wish to cast the attrbiute to a different class type.  The type is a String which is used for comparison.  I thought a Case statement could be used for this but I'm getting errors and wondering now if it cannot be used


First of all I tried the following


Case(detailItem.type, 'NUMB',(ItemNumb)detailItem, 'TEXT',(ItemText)detailItem, detailItem)


but this gives syntax errors.  Missing ')'


From this I cannot determine where I am missing the ')'


To see if it was a result of where I try to cast the class I reoved the cast and tried the following (just for debugging)


Case(detailItem.type, 'NUMB',detailItem, 'TEXT'detailItem, detailItem)


but this gives an error as follows


Description Resource Path Location Type
Save error: Incorrect parameter for function 'Case()'. Expected Object, received Text 


My expression is therefore a string but the return type is an object.  Is this not allowed?  If so woukd an if statement allow this?


On trying the following I received a Missing ')' error also.




Any suggestions on whether a cast like this can be done in an if/case statement, and where I am missing  ')' if so are welcome.


Thanks in advance.

Best Answer chosen by Admin (Salesforce Developers) 

I doubt you can do casting inside a CASE function.  You'll probably have to write a controller for this component to accomplish what you want.