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Ranjith PunneliRanjith Punneli 

Create more than one record at a time using different screens in visualforce

Hi all,


I have a requirement to create more than one record of same object from different visualforce pages.


I have a tab which list all records of an object and also a button to create a new record. When I click on 'New Record', it should open up another tab next to first tab to create a new record. There are few other tabs and buttons inside this visualforce page. When I click on Next button in this new vf page, it should navigate to next tab inside New Record. This is working fine.


My next requirement is even when the new record tab (second tab) is not yet saved and if user clicks on 'New Record' again from first tab, then I have to open a third tab to create second record which is completely independent of first record. But I am facing problem when I click on Next button. It is checking all other mandatory fields irrespective of same tab.


How can I acheive this?


Thank you so much for everyone's help & time!!







What do you mean by "It is checking all other mandatory fields irrespective of same tab."?


Do  you mean that clicking "Next" button in 3rd tab, it is checking mandatory fields even in the 2nd tab?

Ranjith PunneliRanjith Punneli



If we click Next button for first record, it checks both first and second record. Basically in the background it is working as just one record.