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Visualforce: Link to a word document residing in a folder

hey guys,


I have a customized visualforce page. I need to display some documents. I dont want to upload them as static resources but rather in a folder where I can control which groups/roles can see that folder.


How can I link to or display any documents which are uploaded to this folder?




Use the regular documents tab?


Its a custom visual force page built using CSS and HTML. There is no access to regular salesforce tabs.

I want to place a link to a document which resides in a folder. I know how to link to a document uploaded as a static resource.


One question:


Have you created the folder where you can upload the files in? If you have, you can query the files that the user can view and then have your visualforce display all the links to the document that they can view for that particular record.





Do you think you can accomplish this with the regular Documents Tab?




or maybe in the Files Tab?




Sorry for the late reply...Right now these files are uploaded as static resources. I did read about documents. I will have to do something on similar lines.


The other question is can documents be used to enforce record level security. That means my customer portal user should only see the document that his account is allowed to see.