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onLoad actionSupport of an iframe

There is a lot more going on in my VF page and controller but basically I have this iframe in a repeat section...

<apex:iframe >
<apex:actionSupport event="onLoad" action="{!id}">
<apex:param name="firstParam" assignTo="{!plId}" value="{!aciId + '.' + aci['Field_Name__c']}"/>

 And this code in the controller...

public String plId {get;set;}

public void id(){
 System.debug('plId:' + plId);

 When I load the page, that statement never gets written to the logs.  What I am trying to do here is pass in a parameter for a get method later in the loop so a single get method could return different values.  Is this the best way to do this?  Why isn't it working? 


I don't believe that you can call functions on a remote VF page that way. You could, of course, add the ID as a URL parameter, which should work nicely.