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Visualforce Email template to display date and time in User's timezone (local time)

Hello All,

Just want to share my experience in creating Visualforce Email template where you want to display date and time in User timezone


You are in MST time zone.
Let's say we have Date/Time field TaskDateTime__c and use it in Visualforce email template to show recipient the time in email.

<apex:outputText value="{0,date,EEEE, MMMM d, yyyy, HH:mm:ss}"><apex:param value="{!RelatedTo.TaskDateTime__c}" /></apex:outputText>


In email time will be converted and showed to GMT instead of EST.


The outputField (which convert time to user locale automatically) does not
work in Visualforce Email templates (not supported).


So how do I tell to display in Visualforce Email template time in User
timezone? For example MST?


***Implementation Details (worarounds)***


I found two workarounds:


Workaround 1: Use Controller class for the Component to use in template

In order to format the date in various TimeZone in Email Template, we can follow the steps:

1. First create a Controller class for the Component

Setup|App Setup|Develop|Apex Classes|New

Formatted_DateTime_Controller Class Code

public class controller_formatted_datetime
public DateTime date_time { get; set; } //property that reads the datetime value from component attribute tag
public String defined_format { get; set;} //property that reads the string value from component attribute tag
public String getFormattedDatetime()
if (date_time == null) {return ''; }
else { if (defined_format == null) {
return date_time.format(); //return the full date/time in user's locale and time zone
else { return date_time.format(defined_format,'MST'); //Specify Time zone like IST,CST


2. Create a Component

Setup|App Setup|Develop|Components

VF Component Code (Name: VFEmailTempComp)

<apex:component access="global" controller="controller_formatted_datetime">{!FormattedDatetime}
<apex:attribute assignTo="{!date_time}" description="The DateTime value to be rendered" name="date_time_value" type="DateTime"></apex:attribute>
<apex:attribute assignTo="{!defined_format}" description="The optional format to use for the DateTime value to be rendered" name="date_time_format" type="String"></apex:attribute>



3. Create an Email Template and embed the component.

Setup|Administration Setup|Communication Templates|Email Templates

Email Template Code

<messaging:emailTemplate subject="Testing DateTime Format" recipientType="Contact" >
<messaging:plainTextEmailBody >
Formatted: <c:VFEmailTempComp date_time_value="{!NOW()}" date_time_format="EEE MMM d kk:mm:ss z yyyy" />


It will display current time in MST timezone.

Workaround 2: Calculate difference in the apex:param value (for MST (-7) it will be 7/24=0.291666666

Date: <apex:outputText value="{0,date,EEEE, MMMM d, yyyy}"><apex:param value="{!RelatedTo.Scheduled_Clock_In__c - 0.291666666}" /></apex:outputText>
Time: <apex:outputText value="{0,date,h:ma}"><apex:param value="{!RelatedTo.Scheduled_Clock_In__c - 0.291666666}" /></apex:outputText> MST


Srinath TeramSrinath Teram

Thanks Solo. The method 2 was what I was looking for. It works awesome!

Hi Solo,

I want see the output of vf Tempalte..Can you please attach the output screen short..

Allways Cool


See attached screens below - hope this will help you.


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User-added image

User-added image


Coral RacingCoral Racing
Hi Solo

Thanks for the workarounds.  I really like Workaround 1.  I have followed your steps 1 & 2, but stuck on 3.  Stupid question most likely but how do I apply this to my already existing template for example:
<apex:outputText value="{0,date,EEEE, MMMM d, yyyy, HH:mm:ss}"><apex:param value="{!RelatedTo.TaskDateTime__c}" /></apex:outputText>

Mnay thanks for any input


Hi Sonya,

If you are done with Step 1 & 2 you will be able to use something like this instead of your <apex:outputText ...

<c:VFEmailTempComp date_time_value="{!RelatedTo.TaskDateTime__c}" date_time_format="EEEE, MMMM d, yyyy, HH:mm:ss" />

Hope this will help.


Coral RacingCoral Racing
Hi Solo

Thanks a lot for this.  This worked.  However I have another slight problem.  I am based in London and current we are in British Summer Time (GMT +1.00).  However when I type in BST onto the class defined format, it seems to be calculating Bangladesh Standard Time and not British Summer Time.  How would I achieve this do you know?  Would it be GMT (+1.00) ? 

Again grateful for any help.  Apex is very new to me.


Coral RacingCoral Racing
Hi Solo

Actually I have just worked this out  -  GMT + 1

Thanks for all your help - great post
Coral RacingCoral Racing
Hi again Solo,

I followed the steps above and have all of this working in Sandbox as expected. I have now moved on to get this deployed into Production but when doing so I am getting errors related to unit tests. I have been reading up on this and I am guessing I will need to create a unit test for this new class before I can upload to production? Sorry for the basic questions but I am very new to this!

Many thanks,
Hi Sonya,

Here is simple test coverage class code which is mandatory to deploy the controller_formatted_datetime class to PROD 
Good luck!


public  class Testcontroller_formatted_datetime {
static testMethod void test() {

  controller_formatted_datetime cond = new controller_formatted_datetime();
  cond.date_time = null;
  String defined_format = cond.defined_format;
  String getFormattedDatetime = cond.getFormattedDatetime();
  controller_formatted_datetime cond2 = new controller_formatted_datetime();
  cond2.date_time = date.newInstance(2012, 9, 22);
  String defined_format2 = cond2.defined_format;
  String getFormattedDatetime2 = cond2.getFormattedDatetime();
Coral RacingCoral Racing
Many thanks for this

jo devjo dev
Thanks a lot..its worked for me


Welcome @Jothi!
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For GMT +12 I'd try 12/24=0.5 
in formula: "{!RelatedTo.Scheduled_Clock_In__c +0.5}"