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rerender output panel not working.

I want to rerender the currentstatus outputpanel when the reopened action has completed. The case is being reopened so the action succeeds but the outputpanel is not being refreshed. Any idea why?


Thanks in advance.





 <apex:outputPanel styleclass="caseStatus">
      <apex:outputPanel id="currentStatus" >     
         <p class="case details">{!case.Status}</p>     
      <apex:form >
         <apex:commandButton action="{!ReOpenCase}" value="Reopen Case" oncomplete="alert('case reopened')" id="ReopenCaseButton" rerender="currentStatus" rendered="{!IF((case.status == 'Resolved' || case.Status == 'Closed')&&case.closeddate+30>now(),true,false)}" />
         <apex:commandButton value="Close Case"  id="CloseCaseBTN" onclick="openCloseReason()" rendered="{!IF(case.Status != 'Resolved' && case.Status != 'Closed',true,false)}"/>




Elif Dicle - DevelopHerElif Dicle - DevelopHer

visualforce component ids are created with their parent componen's id.



<apex:page id="thePage">

<apex:outputPanel id="1stPanel">

<apex:outputPanel id="2ndPanel"/>




so the "2ndPanel" id will be "thePage:1stPanel:2ndPanel".

I think, you need to change the id value in reRender attribute.

Ulas KutukUlas Kutuk

You can reach the id's using $Component. Here is the example.


<apex:page id="newmmbershippage" />

        <apex:form id="mainform" /> 

                <apex:pageBlock id="mainblock"  /> 

                       <apex:pageblocksection id=assingContact />