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Listbox on VisualForce

Hi Everyone,


Is there a way to show a multi-select listbox on a visual force page that populates the name(s) of the product record when a certian criteria is met using a picklist?


Ex:  I have a 3 level dependent picklist already setup on my visualforce page, brands, product, and sub product.  (They all belong to the same object.)  Is there a way where I can populate a list box, multi-select if possible, of all the record names that meet the criteria?  Than to add more complexity move the selected list to another box where information of the record can be edited?


This is a real tough and complex requirement.  Any information that can point me in the right direction will be usefull.





P.S. I already read the extended functionality of Vforce and the Dynamic binding section in the developer guide.  Couldn't really find anything to support my requirement.