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Custom HTML Component Home Page not appearing with right colors?

We have Marketo installed with Salesforce, and it has it's own tab with a visualforce page.

I created a custom HTML component for adding this VF page to the home page and my code is the following:

<iframe src="/apex/mkto_si__Dashboard?isdtp=lt" frameborder="0" height="900" width="1280"></iframe>

It loads, however, the background to the table rows changed from white to purple, and on hover, the table's rows changed from a light blue to white.

Is there something I need to define in the HTML component to make sure it appears in the VF's page's defined colors?

Here is a screen shot of how it appers in it's normal VF page (The second image, or the one at the bottom), and how it appears in the custom HTML component (the first image, or the one at the top).



Hi jess,


    I think this is happened because of isdtp=lt in your iframe src.


    The function of isdtp=lt will retain the old SFDC styling and will remove the page header as well. so you  get the old style in your page.


      I hope this will helpful to you.