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visual force page

i have one visual force page which is used to render a pdf,and i created one more visualforce page2 which is used to show table data in VF1 ,i want to bring VF2 in VF1,i have used iframe it is not working





apex:include pageName="{!Page.AnotherPage}"/> 

no its not working

Ranu JainRanu Jain

Hi Ani,


Please paste the code or error.


When you include one visualforce page name in another visualforce page, you have to do something like this.


For example you want ti include page called "v2" in a page called "v1"


Just use the below line in v1.


<apex:include pageName="v2"/>


I have three Objects


     Payment Schedule



Payment Schedule and proposal are the child objects for Opportunity.There is no relation between payment schedule and proposal 

    so here is the requirement scenario:


1)  I have one VF pdf  in Proposal to show the values in the object and from Opportunity


2) I want to show payment schedule object fields in proposal pdf


    As there is no relationship between payment schedule and proposal how can i pull the payment schedule fields in      proposal






pls help me out its an urgent requirement


Hi ani11,


Correct me if i am wrong. So you want to display the payment Schedule values and Proposal values in the same page. Am i correct? If so you can query for the list of payment schedules and proposal in the same query as they have relation with opportunity.


You can try something like this,


List<Opportunity> oppList = [Select Id, (Select Id from <payment schedule reln ship name>),(select Id from <proposal reln name>) from Opportunity];


If you can give the object field info and relationship names, I can frame the query you want and let mw know what fields you want to display in the page.




Thank you for replying 


I have three objects Opportunity, Payment Schedule and Proposal


Relationship between the objects

           Opportunity is lookup to Payment Schedule and Proposal

           But there is no relation between PaymentSchedule and Proposal .

I want to show Payment Schedule field values in Proposal Visaualforce PDF page


Payment Schedule Fields:

                      Name and Percentage

 How to call these values in  Proposal Visualforce PDF 




Thanks in advance.......


please reply me soon its an urgent requirement