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Visualforce template - Error:- Unknown property 'String.Product__c'

<messaging:emailTemplate recipientType="Contact"


subject="Case report for BSCLASSIC: {!relatedTo.name}"

replyTo="noreply@bt.com" >
<messaging:htmlEmailBody >


<STYLE type="text/css">

TH {font-size: 11px; font-face: arial;background: #CCCCCC; border-width: 1; text-align: center }

TD {font-size: 11px; font-face: verdana }

TABLE {border: solid #CCCCCC; border-width: 1}

TR {border: solid #CCCCCC; border-width: 1}


<font face="arial" size="2">
<p>Dear {!recipient.name},</p>

<p>Below is a list of BSproduct related to the BSSalesLOG: {!relatedTo.name}.</p>

<table border="0" >

<tr >

<th>Name of Product/Service</th><th>Type of Product/Service</th><th>Minimum Period/Commitment Period/Minimum Term*</th><th>Quantity</th>>

<apex:repeat var="cx" value="{!relatedTo.BS_Classic_SL_Product__c}">









<p />



<messaging:plainTextEmailBody >

Dear {!recipient.name},


[ Name of Product/Service ] - [ Type of Product/Service ] - [ Minimum Period/Commitment Period/Minimum Term* ] - [ Quantity ]


<apex:repeat var="cx" value="{!relatedTo.BS_Classic_SL_Product__c}">

[ {!cx.Product__c} ] - [ {!cx.Product_Type2__c} ] - [ {!cx.Contact.email} ] - [ {!cx.Quantity__c} ]




Ranu JainRanu Jain



would you please provide controller for this VF page?


If you are refering to a lookup field, can you cross check the API name for that lookup to the Product?


Probably, the field label is causing the error.

Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma

Hi SFDev@321,


Check in your controller if any property with Name "cx" is used.