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Regarding VisualForce page display on the website.

Hi Guys,


Is it possible to display the vf page on the external website and the functionalty should work.


suppose if i click a link on external website, it has to bring our vf page into that external site and has to display some info

particular to that link.


Please Anybody have idea...






If your vf page is a sites page, then yes it is possible. A vf sites page is like any other public website page, so you can give a link to it from any external web page.




Thanks for the reply. Can you tell me clearly please.
I will tell you, i have created a vf page which will display some info basing on the link clicked.I have done this in salesforce .

But in actual requirement the link will be on external website. When it has clicked i have to display some info specific to the link.





You will need to set up a site under setup>develop>sites, add your page to it and make sure it is publicly accessible.

have a look at the sites documentation for more detail:


You can create a site as mentioned in the above post and then add your visualforce page to your site and when users click on the link on your external website, refer to the public url of your page. It shld be something like this :


<site Url>/<pagename>


If you are displaying any data related any of you custom or standard object s in your page, make sure you set the "Public Access Settings" for your site. You will find this button when you go to your site detail page.


Thanks for your answer.


I have a vg page like this.


vf page


<apex:commandLink value="stateName" action="{!function}" >
   <apex:param name="name" value="stateName"/></apex:commandLink>




sName  = Apexpages.currentPage().getParameters().get('name');


when i am clicking every thing is working fine... I am getting the data related to stateName...


But i want to do same thing via HTML. I have tried with this code but i am able to get the vf page but with empty only and when i click on the link again it displaying related data.But,

What i want is when i click on the html link, the vf page has to display with the data related to stateName.


This is the code which i have written for the above scenario, please make changes to this.


html page


<a href="">HTML Test Link</a>


vf page and controller are same...


How can we aceive it.







See the URL you're posting on the HTML page isn't of a sites page (it is a public url) and it won't have a salesforce instance like "".


What you'll have to do is, as said in the posts above, create a site from Setup -> Develop -> Sites. Add this page in your site, or to make it easy for you to learn, select this page as the home page for your site from the Site options. And once you've done that, just give the url of the site instead of the current url.


Note : You'll need to add the visualforce page in the "Enabled Visualforce Pages" section of your site to make it accessible from the site.


Hope this helps.


Hi Bujji,


The below link will give you an idea about site and its configuration.


Hope this helps :)







Any progress. Have you tried any of the above suggested solutions?