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How to avoid page refresh on validation

Currently, with the code below, when a user clicks on the OK button, if there is a validation error the page refreshes, if not the record saves successfully and the user is redirected to another page. How can I avoid the page refresh without losing the validation message displaying on the page?.


Or, how can I force the user to select an option (this field is a picklist) to be able to click on the OK button, this would avoid having to deal with the validation.





<apex:inputField id="reasonres" required="true" value="{!case.Reason_Resolved__c}"  />
<apex:commandButton action="{!closecase}" value="OK"  />




public PageReference closecase() {
     if( caseobj.Reason_Resolved__c == null ) {
    caseobj.Reason_Resolved__c.addError('Please select a close reason');
     return null;
      return Page.MySupport;}






Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram

<apex:message immediate = "true">


That will execute the error message or a validation rule voilation first before getting refresh.


If this answers your question please make this as solution.

That attribute doesn't seem to be available for apex:message. :(
"Error: Unsupported attribute immediate in <apex:message> "



you already given "required" in put field. the picklist is "--NONE" treated as blank value.

salesforce itself gives standard validation.


why using add error message ?


Hi Sivaext,


I was trying many ways to do this, but regardless of using the standard validation or a custom validation, the page always refreshes if any type of validation is triggered.  :(

Suresh RaghuramSuresh Raghuram



this the situation i came across and got success with that


the thing is

<apex:pageMessage id="msg1"/>


in the command button i am rendering this message

<apex:commandButton action={!Save} reRender="msg" immediate="true"/>


This is working fine by overcomming most of the errors i came across

Try it

vaishali sharmavaishali sharma
Hi ,did we get the solution of this problem ? I am facing the same problem.