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Headers and footers

Hi again!


here's what i'am tying to do ;


set headers with ; logo (which is a resource) and some text


and set footers with the organization information fields. This is how it looks like right now without being set as footer ;


<p align="right"><h7>{!$Organization.Name}</h7><br/><h8>{!$Organization.street} – {!$Organization.state} – {!$Organization.postalcode} {!$Organization.city} | restaurant@vieux-bois.ch | www.vieux-bois.ch</h8>
<br/><h8>{!$Organization.phone} | {!$Organization.fax}</h8></p>


which looks like that on paper aligned on the right side ;


Restaurant Vieux Bois
Avenue de la paix 12 – CH – 1202 Genève | info@vieux-bois.ch | www.vieux-bois.ch
. 022 919 24 26 | Fax : 022 919 24 28

As there is structure and style i understood from a website that i should use running elements, but i tried a few things yesterday and couldn't make it work....

Thank you in advance.