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filed dependency

hello group,


              i hav one s-obj position in that i hav 3 picklist fields Functional Area, Job Level and Var.


                  Functional Area is controlling field of Job Level, 


                  and Job Level is controlling field of Var.

                  i retrieved these fields in vf page

               when i select one value in Functional Area the controling value in Job Level displays upto now i feel happy

             and when i select a value in Job Level the controlling value in Var displays, instaed that Var(picklist), a value can be displayed in text box that must be read only.(value is related to Var(pick list)).........


       plsa send me code for this.....

     iam new to the salesforce......


    thanks for giving reply(in advance)






hello group,


              pls correct my code to acchieve my requirement



<apex:page controller="Posi">
function setResult()

var: <input type="text" id="var">


<apex:form >
<apex:inputField value="{!post.functional_area__c}"/>
<apex:inputField value="{!post.job_level__c}" />
<!--<apex:inputField value="{!post.var__c}"/>-->
<apex:inputText />




public class Posi {
public position_5__c post{set;get;}





thanks and regards


according to my design when i select a value in Job level (picklist field) it shows only a single value in Var(dependent picklist to job level).......... that single value should display in text field instead of picklist in visualforce page....

pls help to achieve this
pls pls pls pls
thanks and regards