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sravan alaparthisravan alaparthi 

<apex:param name attribute

Hello Everyone,


i had used apex:param tag quite a lot by now,but so many times i noticed if name attribute is not specified it is not working properly.


So i guess it's like key for the value which we want to assignto a property of a controller. 


please do correct me if i am wrong...


Sravan Alaparthi.




Yes either the name will work or the Assignto Attribute will work in <apex:param > tag but u need to keep the name tag while working with the <apex:param>





sravan alaparthisravan alaparthi

Even when i use assignto its not working with the name attribute 


In my case I have to set 'name' attribute only if I'm in a loop (apex:pageBlockTable for example), and it does not matter the value I place on it (I write ABC and it works great), as long as I set value and assignTo properties correctly.

sravan alaparthisravan alaparthi

Yes this may the case because I am actually in pageblocktable thanks for your time guys.......