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Need to customize the salesforce standard page

Hi all,


I have custumized the "convert lead" process using a custome convert button. And now, I want to use this button also in the lead "find duplicates" page, which means replace the "convert lead" button in the "find duplicates" page with my own "convert " button. Is there any way to do that?


Thanks a lot!!


Yes You can


Go with the any Lead Record --> Edit Layout --> Buttons --> 

Convert Button You can remove and Drag and drop your cutom VF page Button.

If you want to create Button.

Leads --> Buttons and Links--> Create VF page Button here

Your page must be Standerd controller of Lead





Thanks for the reply. But the button I want to replace is the "convert lead" button in the "lead merge" page but not the lead record page. Any ideas?


Merge page your getting after clicking on that Convert Button only Right?


So here you have to write your own code for (create new Button)getting your customized page(Means replace Convert Button on Lead record page)

Based on your Code, In that Detail page you can create whatever you want.