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(Urgent)Partial Dynamic Fields

Hi all..


I want to display fields dynamically based on the chosen value in other field of picklist. I'm trying out one of the example here: http://www.salesforce.com/docs/developer/cookbook/Content/vf_dynamic_page_update.htm.


It works fine is you access the visualforce through URL https:salesforce-instance/apex/visualforcepage?id=....


But I just wanna incorporate the dynamic fields to the existing object and its layout so I just dragged the visualforce page. Result: Visualforce section works in the View, but outside that section the fields that should be hidden statically appear. When I click Edit, visualforce section not there, the dynamic fields still appear.


Does this mean that when we want to have partial dynamic fields, we have to re-create and copy EVERYTHING from the object to the Visualforce page??


THanks guys in advance


Why dont you just remove the dynamic fields from the page layout and let them displayed using VF page. Well if they need to be displayed in edit more I fear that you have to create the whole edit page.