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Problem adding a VisualForce page to a button

When I try to create a custom button for a payge layout that should target a VisualForce page I've created, if I select the VisualForce Page option for the "Content  Source" drop down, the "Content" drop down does not get populated with any of the VisualForce pages that have been created.


What do I need to do to correct this?


Thanks in advance.


Make sure that your page is using the standard controller for whatever object the button is for.


That would not be the problem. I had a button that was doing this but somehow it was deleted and I can't remember how to recreate what was there. So I'm trying to create a custom button that will link to the VisualForce page. When I select the "Content Source" to be "Visualforce Page" the drop down for the selection of the page is not populated with any of the pages that have been created in the system. It is completely empty and there is nothing to select as the target.


Ok what object is the button for?

I have a custom master object displayed in a VisualForce page. Then I want a button to add to a relationships to this object in another page with linking to clients. The problem is that i can't select the VisualForce page that maintains the relationship and add it to a button.

What you can do is select Content Source as URL.


And use something like this in formula editor