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Gurditta GargGurditta Garg 

jQuery dataTable onrow Select



I've a listing of a Object's records in a jQuery's dataTable and when i'll select a row i want to display the information of that row in a editable form under the listing of the records without refreshing the page.



Shiv ShankarShiv Shankar

Open a new window by passing the record id for that row. and pass the values also if there is some values also.

Gurditta GargGurditta Garg
Thanks for reply but i need to do all this in a single page.. i cant take the user to the other page.

For something like this I've usually used jQuery UI's modal plugin.  You could loop it with a JavaScript Remoting call to get the record information.

Gurditta GargGurditta Garg
i tried using JavaScript Remoting but the result that i get is only in viewable form, i want to edit the records on click.
Gurditta GargGurditta Garg
i got the solution, if anybody need help in it please get in touch with me.
Dev NishitDev Nishit
Hi Gurditta,
I have the same issue.
I need to fetch all records from a custom Object, display it on the dataTable ( pagination on dataTable) and make all the records editable  ie onClick a popup to edit OR edit in that same cell.
Any help would be appreciated.