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issue while invoking javascript in onclick function in IE and in firefox

Hi All


I am having a problem in opening the vfpage in IE and firefox. It is working great in chrome and safari. 


 <apex:column headerValue="Customer Name/GAN" onclick="callCon('customername');" headerClass="TableTitle">


<apex:commandLink value="{!hir.Name__c} / {!hir.GAN__c}" action="{!searchSelectedUserData}" style="text-decoration:none;" >
<apex:param name="recID" value="{!hir.Name__c}~{!hir.id}~{!hir.GAN__c}" assignTo="{!customername}"/>


<apex:actionFunction name="callCon" oncomplete="callCon1();">
<apex:actionFunction name="callCon1" action="{!searchcustomername}"/>


In the frontend when i click the link it is working fine in chrome and safari but in IE and in firefox the page is loading and throwing an error in the browser. The error is throwing in the vf page onclick action. Users use IE and i need it get this worked in IE. can you please let me know how the javascript works on IE?


Looks like you are missing the <apex:param> on the callCon actionfunction. Can you try the below and see if it works. Else please post the error you are getting 


<apex:actionFunction name="callCon" oncomplete="callCon1();">
<apex:param name="customername" value="" assignTo=""/>