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Formatting Formula field in visual force page

I have a weird problem in my vf page...


<apex:outputField value="{!CustomObject__My_Note__c}" />

my_note__c is formula field in which i used something lyk Text(Value__c)...

Value__c is a number field.

I have used this code in a custom button which after click give me all fields in pdf format.

what my problem is that if i added value__c is 0.5..it give me value lyk .5 in pdf format.


i hope my problem is understood...any 1 know how to solve this..

thanx in advance


Hi ,


While creation of Formula Field , Istead of Using Text DataType u need to use Number DataType .


After that try once and let me know in which format u needto display values in PDF format.


Let me know in case of any issues.


thanx for reply me..

actually my_value__c is giving instructions so we need to make it text.


instructions having lyk dat:

given (value__c)  sent to a owner.


so in oder words: given 4.5 quantity sent to a owner.

or if value is less than 1 den:  0.5 quantity sent to a owner.

so in formula field i used lyk dat

if(some conditions)



I hope u get my problem.