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Action Function is not getting called when i use StandardController.

Hi Guys,
      I created a page with a standard controlller on custom object and used an apex class as extensions in the page .
      I am trying to call a method of apex class on load of page by action function(via java script) then instead of calling

      this method, control goes to simply contructor and come back(found by debugs).That means class's method is

      not getting called  by actionFunction .If anyone has deal with this type of problem then please help out.
      Any suggestions are appreciated.


Even  i have used reRender to action function.


Can you post some of your code?


Hi bob,


Thanks for the quick reply.

We have just resolved this problem.actually we had used CustomObject_RecordType.Name in the hidden field and wanted to access this recordType name in the apex controller .some how this was the issue ,once we removed that hidden field that action function get called controller method .One more thing here is that this page and controller is fine wokring  with hidden field in system administrator profile user  but not other profile user .we are still investigating the reason because RecordType is accessible to all profile and custom object too.